Best Ice Cream in Nuremberg region

by matgibbs

I love cycling, and in the summer I absolutely love to combine this hobby with a visit to a good ice cream parlour!

A good bike ride is made into a great bike ride with the addition of a good ice cream

Matt Gibbs circa 1979

Well, OK, I didn’t say that in 1979, but it’s pretty much the rule I follow these days!

The little beauty in the picture above is from Eiscafe Loisl in Cadolzburg, a delightful small town in Franconia not so far from Nuremberg. It is admittedly right next to a castle which crowns the top of a hill (yep, it’s a bit of a climb to get there if you’re already tired), but it’s well worth it – fabulous ice cream!

Some of my favourite places to grab an ice-cream in the Nuremberg area are as follows:

Some of these places will pop up in ride reports if the ice was particularly memorable!


In the countryside sometimes you might still get away with paying €1.00, but €1.10 seems like the average now. In the city centres, more like €1.30 or €1.40 is now unfortunately the norm. As a result, I don’t to be honest often recommend the ice cream shops right in the centre of cities since far better can be found elsewhere for a better price. Particularly in Nuremberg centre, I find the flavours to be pretty average and the orientation 100% to single-visit tourists for whom cost isn’t an issue

By far the most expensive ice-cream I’ve had in Germany was at Gelini in Regensburg at Gelini. The location is great in the centre of town but sorry, €1.70 per scoop is outrageous. By contrast, the best value I had was at Pizzeria Catania in Heilsbronn for only 80 cents. Sometimes you don’t always get what you pay for……


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