5 Things the British do better than Germans

by matgibbs

My friend Martin from Nuremberg has a well established and popular YouTube channel. Occasionally we make fun videos together when he has an idea for something that needs some British input!

Getting back in front of the camera!

On a dreary Autumn Sunday, he suggested we get back together and take a humorous look at some of the differences between Britain and Germany. We picked five, although clearly there are many more (OK, I’m biased) – maybe we’ll make a second video if it gets enough clicks!

This continued on our longstanding collaboration (“an Englishman in Germany”) which we started more than three years ago. This took a tongue-in-cheek look at my experience as a newcomer in Germany, and how life seemed to an (at the time) outsider. Looking back at some of these videos is quite strange, since my life (and Germany itself) have changed in many ways in the intervening three years

Hope you enjoy watching, and be sure to check out some of Martin’s other videos!


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