Who am I?

by matgibbs

Hello, I’m Matt and thanks firstly for taking an interest in my blog. I hope you’ve managed to find something of interest, or even useful for your own travels!

Gravel Biking Austrian Alps

With the Gravel Bike in the Austrian Alps

From the English seaside to southern Germany

I’m Matt Gibbs, and I live in the city of Nuremberg in Germany. Although officially in the state of Bavaria, Nuremberg is more locally regarded as being the heart of the Franconian region. I’ve lived here since 2013 having moved due to work commitments from my country of birth – Great Britain. I grew up on the South Coast near to the city of Portsmouth, and although I’ve also lived on the outskirts of London too, the coast is always where I’ll consider home!



My lovely wife Martyna (who comes originally from Poland) joins me on many of the wonderful expeditions or trips I write about.

About Maps….

I’ve always loved exploring – whether that means country lanes and paths by bicycle, hidden creeks and beaches by sailing boat, or on foot in the mountains or city. I have a love of maps so planning trips has always been something I enjoy, and being blessed with something of a photographic memory, I can also recall places and landscapes extremely well (something that proves useful for writing a blog…!).

On my bike

I’m a keen cyclist both road and offroad, and each year I try and clock up something like 3000km. This is always a mixture of longer trips (sometimes overnight) when time allows, and also evening or morning rounds that fit in with work and life. I’ll always try and get out of the city into the countryside, and at least a handful of times a year I’ll make it to the Alps.

I’m not a competitive cyclist, so combining cycling with taking a few photos, eating a good ice-cream or lunch, or just exploring a new town is also important

Other Hobbies

In the winter I love to ski in the Alps (which I can reach in about 2.5 hrs from home, and in the summer I’m a keen sailor. I have a Laser dinghy on a lake near Nuremberg, and try and sail in a race at least once a week when weather allows. Outside of sporting activities I take a keen interest in politics and also environmental affairs and protection. I studied Environmental Sciences at University so this is something that’s always been very important to me.

Matt Gibbs Sailing

Me Sailing

Last but not least I love good food, good wine and good beer, especially when it’s locally produced. Putting something back into the local community is important to me, and so I try and steer my spending in this way when I’m travelling.

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